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Cargo Bikes: The New Trucking for Cities

Cargo Bikes: The New Trucking for Cities

Cargo Bikes are rising in the streets of major American cities and Europe. With vehicle congestion and air pollution becoming a principle foundation for many governments, these bikes are working to alleviate the issue.

Cargo Bikes Improve Shipping

Amazon, UPS, and other carrier services are looking to improve the rate of which we receive package goods. In major cities, where vehicle congestion is extensively high, these biked have already been put to use and have shown an increase in effectiveness.

Opening Up Bike Lanes

A major problem that many New York residents face is the obstruction of the cities bike lanes. Bicycle accidents have been a major social issue within NYC and many have taken to the streets to show that we need to share the road. Where many vehicle drivers (more notably truck drivers) are blocking bike lanes, why not just make bikes the new carrier service?

Improving Statistics

Instead of having one large truck unloading/loading and blocking everything, bikes can do the same thing. With more of them moving through the streets comes faster shipping times. “In and out” is far better than “Park and sit”. The increase in the speed of delivery has shown improvement since the launch of Cargo Bikes.

Cities Need Cargo Bikes Because They Simply Did not Plan Ahead.

Two major players attribute to a significant amount of congestion for most cities. The first is Uber/Lyft which has undoubtedly destroyed the Taxi service and online shopping which has contributed to a massive influx in shipping services. Unfortunately with the drastic increase in deliveries, comes the expansion of large cargo trucks that take up space. Cargo Bikes work to ease the tension. Cities planned for the use of cargo trucks because it made sense at the time. Larger vehicles can transport larger quantities of goods. What happens when that becomes a larger hindrance to city residents than it improves? Then you need to change gears.

The issues that stem from larger-scale carriers have undoubtedly caused a major space problem for places like NYC. Where development cannot go further outward, the limit for how wide roads can be has hit its critical limit. Cargo Bikes work to ensure that roads are safer, drivers are more cautious, pollution is down and your shipment arrives on time.

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