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Tropical Storm Fay Looks To Hit Long Island
NASA image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team,Goddard Space Flight Center

Tropical Storm Fay Looks To Hit Long Island

Long Island, NY – Tropical Storm Fay is looking to make an impact on the New York island. While its not hurricane strength, many are preparing.

The storm is looking to bring high winds and surf. This is the first named storm of the season. Tropical storm Fay is looking to make landfall in New York by Friday night. Prior to that, heavy rain and winds are looking to hit the shoreline.

Wind speeds of 35-55 miles per hour are reporting to hit homes across the coast and will continue until early Saturday morning.

What Is A Tropical Storm?

A tropical storm has the definition of having wind speeds of 39 miles per hour or more. When the wind goes beyond 55 miles per hour, it is then considered a hurricane.

“Torrential rainfall within a short period of time will be possible and this could lead to flooding of low lying, urban and poor drainage areas,” the weather service said.

A flash flood warning is being issued to residents from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Predictions for Saturday appear to show things slowing down. By early morning, rain is expecting to dissipate and the weather conditions are looking to recover.

Still, many feel the need to board up and wait out the storm. The largest concern is that of falling branches and trees. The high winds have the potential to uproot trees. These trees can fall on cars, and houses and cause large-scale property damage.

The hurricane season is currently underway. With many winds sweeping in across the Atlantic, many are expecting this year to have an impact on businesses and property.

These high winds are also currently pulling large dust clouds across middle America. One of the largest dust storms on record is currently moving through America. The dust storm mixing with potential hurricanes has the potential to cause more damage.

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