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Bollinger Stops Their Plans To Create The Electric B1 SUV B2 Pickup

Bollinger Stops Their Plans To Create The Electric B1 SUV B2 Pickup
Bollinger is giving up creating their models and instead are focusing on electric vehicle platforms.

Bollinger is the company that was going to make it big. They were going to be the ones behind the electric SUV named the B1. Soon after, the pickup truck, the B2, was going to be just as big, if not bigger. The company has been looking for a production partner for some time. But after a while, it was just not going to happen.

Bollinger Just Didn’t Make Time For EVs. Just Their Platforms.

The Bollinger B1 was going to reach production with a 120.0-kilowatt-hours battery pack. That didn’t happen. The same with the B2 Model. That also did not happen. This was with 200 miles of range it was going to be developed. The all-terrain EVs are costing beyond $125,000 and they would have 5000 pounds beyond payload capacity with 15 inches of ground clearance. In the shift of plans, the company made it known that they would refund deposits that could not be made for the B1 and the B2 models. In which case, the boxy off-roading vehicles won’t reach for several years.

Bollinger Motors displayed their electric SUV titled the B1 way back in 2017. This being the case, Bollinger has since been insistent on finding the best benefactor for their business. The Bollinger Motors line had to keep pushing business.

The company’s latest statement has been that the delay of Deliver-E was going to lend to its further development of EV platforms. Ideally, thisis only the beginning for Bollinger in their latest and greatest reinvention.

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