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Trucking During COVID-19

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Covid-19 or more commonly named “Coronavirus” has spread to almost all parts of the world. Where many have taken to their homes in order to prevent the spread of the disease, many do not have the opportunity. Aside from medical workers who are currently working around the clock to assist people, the majority of trade workers still remain out and about. The case for trucking is no exception.

COVID-19 Fears in Trucking

The economy has taken a nosedive due to widespread fears of the virus. This has encouraged everyone across the country to stock up on supplies. So much so that many stores are out of basic necessities. This is where truckers have become heroes. It is their job to make sure these goods are shipped on time. Without them, we have to resort to alternative measures of finding food, water…and toilet paper.

Although truck drivers are (for the most part) pretty isolated, the fear of contracting the virus while on the road has many of them and their families worried.

Time Away From Families

One of the largest downturns for many truckers is the time away from family members. Both families and drivers are exceedingly on edge. If an emergency happens in the house, then the truck driver has to get back to his family. What happens if they are across the country making a delivery to a Los Angeles Trader Joes? They have to make the delivery and head back. The process will take multiple days or even weeks to get from one place to another. Within this time, many are left in anxiety as they wait to be with loved ones.

Self Isolation Is A Similar Tune for Most Truck Drivers

Where many workers now have the ability to work from home, this does not apply to the laborers and backbone workers of the US. While it may just be a single driver on the road, for the most part, the time they spend is isolated in a cab. This can prove to be beneficial as if you have to work, it might as well be by yourself. The chances of contracting a disease from someone else is greatly reduced if there isn’t anyone around. This can prove to be almost as beneficial as self-isolation

What Truckers Should Do During COVID-19

Wash your hands, have as limited contact as possible. If you need to stop for fuel, simply use a rag, washcloth or hand wipes when grabbing the pump.

Keep a well-stocked supply of dry foods in your cab. The less you need to go out and eat at restaurants the better. Many states have already enacted restaurants and bars to close due to containing the spread of the virus.

Don’t panic. One of the largest threats to this virus is not the impact of the virus itself but rather how we view people and interact. People are currently on edge for understandable reasons.

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