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East Coast Man Gets Lucky Again Living for Free in a House That’s not his

You are currently viewing East Coast Man Gets Lucky Again Living for Free in a House That’s not his
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An East Coast man living in a three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home for over 20 years free of charge has tried to avoid being evaculating again by hiring a new lawyer the day before the judge is set to listen to his case. This one savvy dude always a step ahead of the wrong lawn of the law!

East Coast Man not Kicked out yet

Guramrit Hanspal, 52, has been very lucky in that three different owners of the East Meadow home in Long Island, New York have been unsuccessful in basically kicking him out. This was happening since seizing by Washington Mutual in 2000.

East Coast Man Really Seems to Know his way Around the Courts

The key to his success so far in avoiding evictions so many times is drowning each of the three owners in the court proceedings and then passing on the rules of the court in his favor.

A Real Estate Company Part of the Effort

Last Wednesday, a real estate company, the current owner Diamond Ridge, has tried to launch Hanspal from the home.

More Time Requested for Hanspal to get Legal Representation in Order

William Friedman, Hanspal’s lawyer, has demanded more time. That is because his legal counsel, David Gevanter, was in fact, hired the day before.

Judge William A. Hohauser in Nassau County, has, in fact, agreed to postpone the case.

Home Squatter Paid Mortgage Only Once

Purchasing the house in 1998, Guramrit Hanspal bought it in 1998. Miraculously only made a mortgage payment only once. In fact, the unprocessed portion of the proceedings means it will take a lot of time before he is finally being tossing out.

Home Purchased Originally in the Late 1990s

Located at 2468 Kenmore Street, the home was at the time buying in 1998 for $290,000. In fact, the mortgage was paid for only once. Yet the bank failed to expel the owner.

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