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Handling a Breakdown

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You’re out on delivery, and you start to hear a sound from your engine. Next thing, your truck has a breakdown. This is inconvenient for all truckers, but knowing how to identify what happened and learn from it will make you a more efficient driver.

Your Truck is Going to Breakdown

Ask any seasoned driver about their history of breakdowns and they will give you a laundry list. Being able to assess a breakdown is all part of the job.

Every Problem Has a Solution

Owner Operators are responsible for their trucks. As a truck driver, it is important to have the resources necessary to handle any situation. A smartphone can help you find the closest repair facility. They can also help to identify safe areas to pull over on your route.

In case of an emergency having this resource can help you stumble your way to the nearest shop. This is convenient especially since repairing your vehicle on the side of the road is especially dangerous.

Another key factor is driver/dispatchers. They will be your best source of information in the case of a breakdown. Driver/dispatchers can provide a driver with the right steps to properly handle a specific breakdown. They will be able to call a tow truck and give you the information as to where it will be delivered to.

Pre Emptive Analysis of your Truck

Easier said than done, but taking pre-emptive measures is the best way to prevent any sort of breakdown. It is incredibly important to perform all pre and post-delivery checks on your vehicle. Performing these checks is one of the most important steps when making sure your truck will make the journey. Make sure to perform these checks during the day. Doing your checks at night can leave variables overlooked.

Keep Calm During a Breakdown

Emergencies happen. It is important to remember to keep calm. There is no need to panic.

A breakdown can happen anywhere, be it in the desert, or during a snowstorm. The best way to maintain a cool head is to prepare beforehand. Research your route, current as well as future conditions. Remember that truckers will be communicating current traffic conditions and this will be a huge help. If you breakdown during poor conditions make sure you are well supplied. If its a blizzard, make sure you have food water and plenty of dry warm gear.

Best Tips

If you breakdown, pull over on the widest section of the road. It only takes one inattentive driver to create a collision. Give yourself as much space as you can. Make sure you turn your flashers on so that everyone on the road can see you have an issue.

Ease off the road.

Flares: No matter what time of day, use your flares in case of a breakdown. They can be seen more effectively and will more easily alert a tow truck driver of your location.

Don’t Lose your Head During a Breakdown

One of the biggest risks to a driver outside of other drivers is how they handle a breakdown. If you’re in a panic, you will make unnecessary moves. It is easy for someone in a panic to walk too closely to the road. The safety and well-being of yourself is top priority.

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