First and foremost, important step is to do a nice research on car moving companies. You surely don’t want your car to be scratched or broke, so the research and reading will help you figure out what companies are more reliable.

Make sure the company that you have chosen provides all the required service for your transport. Call them directly or get a quote to have them call you back and ask them all the questions you might have

Start searching for the needed items in the car. Indeed, you have left some of your important items in it and even forgot about them. Investigate your car before the shipment so you won’t lose anything valuable for you.

Although, the shipper company will do all the measurement for you, it can be helpful for you to do it yourself at first. Maybe, the service you chose doesn’t provide needed equipment for the type of vehicle that you own.

Take your vehicle to a garage ad ask your mechanic what changes need to be done. Due to weather changes, your vehicle might not be ready for the weather in which it is going to run.

Contact the company that you have chosen and book your order. Mostly, car transport companies are having a quote box, feel free to use it and get an estimate.

Most companies do online payment method. If you are having a hard time making a payment online, ask your agent and have the convenient way for you.

Make sure that the moving truck that shows up is from the company you hired (it can be a different carrier). Talk with the driver and ask questions

At the delivery location, sign the bill of lading and keep the copy.