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Donations To Hospital Cross Over $500,000

Donations To Hospital Cross Over $500,000

The coronavirus pandemic strains hospital resources as they battle the disease to save infected patients. Vital resources, like basic personal protective equipment, deplete quickly causing critical shortages. In an effort to assist healthcare workers and facilities on the front lines of the crisis, many offer donations to shore up funding shortfalls. One Long Island hospital is presently fundraising donations to be matched by a generous donor.

The Long Island Community Hospital announced the Knapp Family COVID-19 Health Crisis Challenge earlier this month. Since New York state declared an emergency, hospitals there, especially those in populous areas like Long Island and New York City, struggle to keep stocked. In response to their growing needs, the hospital fielded an offer from the Knapp-Swezey Foundation. Essentially, the foundation pledges to match, dollar for dollar, all donations received by the fundraiser up to $500,000. That makes a total pledge drive goal of $1 million.

While a seemingly daunting task, the fundraiser already surpassed the halfway mark, and within 10 days of launching.

Donations Reveal Community Support

On April 8, the Knapp family made the announcement they would donate up to half a million to the hospital to spur donations from others, as well. The results from the fundraiser’s first few weeks demonstrates the support existing within the Long Island community.

The support couldn’t come at a better time. With cases in New York accounting for over half the country’s confirmed covid-19 case count, resources in hospitals like Long Island Community prove vital to the staff. “Long Island Community Hospital is bracing for the wave, and if we don’t give now, in the midst of the pandemic, then when?” said Michele Knapp, chair of the Knapp Family COVID-19 Health Crisis Challenge. She also sits on the board of the hospital.

Donations go to the purchase of masks, gowns, and eyewear, among other necessary protective equipment that constantly needs replenishing. Those who wish to donate may visit this page to learn more.

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