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Out-of-State Man Steals Millions of Dollars From Residents and Athletes

November 20, 2020

An out-of-state man, Tommy Constantine, 54, from Scottsdale, Arizona, got sentenced to 10 years in prison. Constantine stole millions of dollars raised from Long Island residents and professional athletes.

Out-of-State Man Tommy Constantine Stole for Other Pur .... Read More

Gas Explosion Leaves Several Homes on Fire near an Airport

November 3, 2020

A gas explosion destroyed three Long Island houses in massive fire Sunday morning. This was near JFK airport. Two firefigthers and a homeowner were all airlifted to the hospital. This was according to officials.

Gas Explosion Leaves Homes in Flames

Being “Too American” can get you Fired These Days

October 15, 2020

Being "Too American," old, and wearing Khakis can be more of a liability than an asset on the job. " The marketing executive, Gray Hollett, originally from Long Island, allegedly found this out after he was fired. Later, complained that his bosses discriminated against him.

Teachers find Lack of Diversity at Public Schools Disturbing

September 28, 2020

WESTBURY, LONG ISLAND: Disparities in public education made worse and created by COVID-19 is the latest finding from a study at Hofstra University. The study shows far too few teachers of color in public schools on Long Island. The depth and breadth of the learning experience are lacking this foundation of color and a multi .... Read More

Forward Industries Shift Their Headquarters Upwards

September 9, 2020

Long Island, NY - In a statement from Forward Industries Incorporated, they will be moving their headquarters to Long Island. It reflects an evolving business model. Therefore, surprises are in-store.

The ambition of founding, operating and maintaining the longevity of a .... Read More

Isaias Leaves over 100,000 Without Power

August 7, 2020

Long Island, NY - Hurricane Isaias is leaving over 100,000 without power. The storm brought high winds and heavy rain that knocked out trees and blew roofs off their houses.

The state is quickly attempting to reconfigure power lines and connect houses to their grid once .... Read More

Tropical Storm Fay Looks To Hit Long Island

July 10, 2020

Long Island, NY - Tropical Storm Fay is looking to make an impact on the New York island. While its not hurricane strength, many are preparing.

The storm is looking to bring high winds and surf. This is the first named storm of the season. Tropical storm Fay is looking t .... Read More

Protests Block Highway Unsafe For Drivers

June 4, 2020

Protests have sprung up across all 50 states and around the world. As of now, this is the largest equal rights movement in the world. While many are taking to the streets to uphold equal rights, many are also finding their ways into unsafe circumstances. Many have moved to public highways and are blocking traffic.

Donations To Hospital Cross Over $500,000

April 30, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic strains hospital resources as they battle the disease to save infected patients. Vital resources, like basic personal protective equipment, deplete quickly causing critical shortages. In an effort to assist healthcare workers and facilities on the front lines of the crisis, many offer donations to s .... Read More

Curve Flattening Says Cuomo

April 14, 2020

Easter Sunday saw the covid-19 death toll in New York surpass 10,000. By comparison, that puts 1 state's total at double that of the country of Iran, and nearly triple China's death count. Prior to the start of last week, officials said it would be the worst week in the pandemic for New York. However, despite the deadly wee .... Read More

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