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Long Island quoteChoosing a car shipping company often depends on the prices that the company is offering. In the car shipping industry, the price is mostly a subject to changes. To get the right pricing, you have to get the estimation of your vehicle shipping. There is a way of getting it done with ease through an online quote. Making a decision on the price can be pretty challenging. High prices can be harmful to your budget. Low prices don’t necessarily guarantee the quality of the shipping.

Long Island Car Transport offers online quoting service to its valued customers. On our website, there is useful information about the shipping services that we provide. There is also an online quote service. And it won’t take long. Your quote is going to be checked out by our customer agents. You need to provide the following information for our agents to get your estimation:

  • Year, the model   of your vehicle
  • Transport type
  • Condition
  • Pick up date
  • Locations

After checking your information, our agents will get back to you with the quoted price.

How to request a free quote from Long Island Car Transport

  • Pickup and Delivery Locations. The first thing that auto transport companies ask you for is the pickup and destination cities. Your quote depends on where you are shipping from or to.
  • Information about your vehicle. Fill out the year, the model of the vehicle when submitting a form for the quote.
  • The type of vehicle plays an important role in the prices of your shipping. Depending on the types of services, each of them has different prices.
  • A condition of your vehicle. Another thing to consider when you are getting a quote is the condition of your vehicle. Non –running vehicle transportation is time and effort consuming.
  • Pick up date is very crucial to get the closest date to whatever date you prefer.
  • Contact information (phone number, name, email address). Our supervisor will also ask you for your contact information.

These simple steps will get you a free car shipping quote at Long Island Car Transport.

Getting a quote is also possible if you call us at the number (929) 229-0339.



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