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Mover's Guideline

Let’s Dive into Some Tips for Car Transport

Mover's Guideline

Long Island Car Transport is about to introduce you to the mover’s guideline; one of the most known questions and tips when shipping a vehicle. And those are what to do before and after the shipping. Read each line carefully, each of them is a game changer.

Before the Car Shipping

When shipping a vehicle, it is always hard to hand it to other people. And before that, you are expected and required to prepare your car for transport before the shipper arrives at the pick-up location. Here are some quick tips for preparing your vehicle:

  • Firstly, take a throughout look at the car and look for any signs of damage. If you do find any, take pictures or even take notes (the shipper is required to do that, but personal calmness is more important). Also, you can take broader photos of your vehicle to be able to file for a damage later, if applicable.
  • Look for fluid leaks around the engine, tank or below the car. Fix them if there are any.
  • You should leave around ¼ of fuel in the car tank to decrease the total weight of your vehicle. The minimum is for driving it onto the trailer and driving it off only. And what about the engine, it must be charged and well secured.
  • Take a good look at the interior part of your vehicle and DON’T LEAVE ANY PERSONAL BELONGINGS in the car. A child seat can stay where it is.
  • Remove any exterior additional car part (e.g. non-permanent racks). Leave only standard car equipment. DON’T REMOVE LICENSE PLATES.

All done! But there is more…

Mover’s Guideline: After the Car Transport

My car departed and has already arrived. Now what?

Do you already receive your car? It is good news! And now comes the time to think about, “Okay, what’s next?” Long Island Car Transport has all the answers to all your questions. Trust our handy mover’s guideline. We have tips for that too:

  • The moment you got your car delivered, you must inspect it carefully for any sign of damage and after that, you have to sign on the Bill of Lading. If you do find any kind of damage signs after the inspection, take pictures and contact your interstate car shipper to get details about future actions.

Do you want more? There are no further steps to take!

You’re all done, you can take your car wherever you want and if any long distances, don’t think twice and contact Long Island Car Transport at (929) 229-0339.

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