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Cheap Car Shipping

Long Island Car Transport is Always Affordable!

Cheap car shipping for all automotive users. Every time you are about to ship a vehicle, you are thinking about the cost, right? There was a time when with only $500, you could get your vehicle coast to coast in the United States, but those days are long gone now. Nowadays, with the developed equipment and practices, also, with the high gas prices, it is unreal to offer those prices. In today’s world, car transport will cost you more and that is the truth.

cheap car shipping

What can you do? The answer is: find the most affordable company with the best services. And if you are reading these lines, you already found the right company for you. We are a Long Island Car Transport company which works hard to provide its customers with the best types of services. And what’s important, we do it at the most affordable prices. And by saying affordable, we mean cheap but with quality!


Cheap Car Shipping Prices & Rates

Part of success in choosing an affordable car shipping quotes is a sense of boundaries and reasonable expectations. Once your vehicle is loaded, it is covered with full coverage up to $1M. This is peace of mind for you and your family when knowing that you paid less but got more. With us, you can rest assured our experienced drivers will transport your vehicle in the safest manner possible to prevent damage during auto shipping.

If you want to learn about the things that affect the price of the car shipping, check out our Cost to Ship a Car  You will find anything that is interesting to you.


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Long Island Car Transport guarantees our clients will receive the highest quality of customer service. You can request a Quote online. It is completely FREE of charge! After you did it, our professional agents will be able to contact you back with your quote. All you need to do is to fill out a little form which doesn’t include any personal information except your name and email. We at Long Island Car Transport know how to treat our clients right, and also how to handle car shipping right for them.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, you can be the next lucky person who will get one of the cheapest car transport deals!

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