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New Customer Center

New Customer Center

You are new here and scared of being deceived? No worries! We will help you get through it.

new customer center

Starting from 2006, Long Island Car Transport provides the best services possible to accommodate our clients with a peace of mind.  Number one thing that makes us the most trusted car shipper is our sense of responsibility while taking care of a car.

The first thing when using a company is the trust that you need to have for it. When you are new, everything seems very hard and suspicious. Every step you take, you are not sure if its safe for you to do. We at Long Island Car Transport want to provide you with our new customer center in which we will present you ways to avoid being scammed because it is as important as your car’s safety.

Research for Shipper’s Information

First things first, you need to understand what kind of company you are going to work with. When searching for a car transporter you will find the following entities: lead providing and auction websites, carriers and brokers.

  • Lead providers make you believe they are either a carrier or broker while they are none. They can collect your information and sell it to different broker companies. So, when you see a couple of car transport quotes from one single company, think twice when using them.
  • In auction websites usually, there are foster underbidding wars which drive auto shipping rates to be unbelievably low. When finding a “too good to be true” rate, you should be ready to wait for weeks for your vehicle to be picked up. Don’t trust low-value companies.
  • Many carriers don’t have an online presence, they rely heavily on brokers for customer leads.
  • Brokers, they don’t have their own feet but have the resources to reach out to a vast network of carriers. However, good brokers will negotiate a car shipping price with a carrier on your behalf and make sure it’s acceptable to both, you and the car hauler.

Understand Your Car Transport Deal Rate

It’s important to understand what affects the cost to ship a car, so you’ll not end up paying more than it is. Usually, it depends on a few factors such as pick up and delivery dates, car make, distance, model and modifications; it’s operability, the type of transport, etc. Our new customer center will help you take care of that

Learn more about the cost to ship.

Read Your Contract

In vehicle shipping, there is no official contract that you sign. Like many other services and products, you buy your confirmation and the company’s terms and conditions represent the contract. The confirmation email will walk you through the process, and the terms and conditions will go into the details of service. Most companies you find online will also have a car shipping questions section with answers to the most common inquiries.

Bill of Lading is an important document you should pay attention to. It’s not only a receipt but also a pickup and delivery inspection report. Don’t skip the inspection regardless of the time of the day and weather conditions. It’s important that you don’t skip this step. If you fail to document the damages, you won’t be able to claim compensation later.

Message from Tony, the Owner: Our live agents are ready to talk about any kind of question you might have. Don’t hesitate to call us in case of any concern. Just trust our team and rest assured your vehicle is in the safest hands.

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