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Ford To Convert Over 75% of 2021 Bronco SUV Reservations Into Sales

Ford To Convert Over 75% of 2021 Bronco SUV Reservations Into Sales

Ford has received approximately 165,000 refundable deposits for the 2021 Bronco SUV. This the latest information according to Automotive News. In addition, Ford expects to turn the majority of those into actual sales. Bronco has an iconic name, a rugged design, modern features, and available manual transmission. Mark LaNeve, Ford’s vice president of U.S. marketing, sales, and service that brands expect “over 75 percent” of the refundable deposits that have been put down on the Bronco to be converted into an actual sales.

Ford Plans to Deliver the First Examples of the Bronco Next Spring

The automaker believes that it will be working into 2022 to fill requests for the Bronco. Therefore, Ford says it plans to deliver the first examples of the Bronco next Spring. In turn, consumers with a reservation could be waiting a long time to get a Bronco. Moreover, they could be looking at a two-year wait from now until they are available to purchase a Bronco at the dealership. Meanwhile, Ford will be working until 2022 to fill the reservations. They, in turn, will get priority over the regular models that will arrive in showrooms.

$100 Refundable Deposit for 2021 Ford Bronco

If consumers put a $100 refundable deposit down, Ford dealers will reach out to them at the beginning of December. In turn, convert the deposit into an actual sale. This process includes accessory choices, financing options, and final pricing. Right now, Ford doesn’t have an official timeline to give information to deposit holders when their SUVs will be built. Yet the outlets claim that the automaker will have that information before the spring of 2021.

For consumers that do not choose to turn their deposit into a reservation, they can easily ask Ford for their deposit back at any time or wait until a dealer contacts them. This is before canceling their order. If you are a deposit holder that does that, you will lose your spot in line.

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