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Sick Leave Worries Drivers

Sick Leave Worries Drivers

Sick leave has been on the minds of many drivers across the country. With many truck drivers being the only ones out and about, the concern for contracting COVID-19 is high.

Do Trucking Businesses Offer Sick Leave?

For may, the idea of sick leave is what is offered. For many businesses, they need to keep their trucks moving. Most truck drivers currently on the road are offered paid sick days. The driver is expected to follow the same protocols if they are currently out on delivery and fall ill.

If A Driver Feel They Have COVID-19 and Sick Leave Practices While On The Road.

Its flu season. Having a cough or a cold can also mean simply having allergies. For many trucking businesses, they are recommending anyone who feels that they are under the weather or might have contracted COVID-19 to remain self-isolated in their truck for 3 days. If the issues continue to grow, then the driver should seek medical attention.

The 3 day wait period is to allow the driver to rest, stay calm and to see if the issue gets worse. It is recommended that many drivers drink plenty of fluids, eat well and maintain high sanitation standards.

Between the Flu, Allergies and COVID-19, the symptoms start out relatively similar. By the end of day three, if issues worsen, then this rules out allergies. If this is the case, it is recommended that the driver seek medical attention while still maintaining distancing protocols.

How To Tell If You Have COVID-19

The issue to diagnosing COVID-19 is that some people do not show symptoms. For others, this may not be the case. chest pains, coughing, and many other flu-like symptoms can mean a multitude of illnesses. The best way to make sure you are healthy and fit to continue driving is to wait out the 3-day quarantine in the cabin of your truck. Make sure you have plenty of fluids like orange juice, apple juice, and many other essential vitamins. Keep an assortment of healthy non-perishable foods with you.

Self Isolation In Cab

Many would think that self-isolation in the cab is one of the best methods for staying safe. Unfortunately, many health officials state this might not be the case. With the lack of running water or a restroom, many are left having to leave the confines of their truck and potentially contract or spread what they have. This works against the safety protocol in the first place.

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