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The First 3D-Printed House is for Sale and Built with a 3D Printer

The First 3D-Printed House is for Sale and Built with a 3D Printer

The first 3D-printed home has hit the market. This home is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a two-car garage is making up of 3D cement is going for $299,999. It’s in the surrounding neighbors in Long Island making the property a bargain in comparison with the average cost of homes in Long Island. The home sits on a 0.26-acre lot and also features 1,407 square feet of living space.

3D-Printed House Saves Money and are Built Fast

“You could save a lot of money doing this, in terms of cost-saving,” FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos told, “Mornings with Maria.” “ In fact, you just pay for the land. Therefore, the house is made very quickly.”

3D Printing Company SQ4D

This model house is on display in other surrounding neighborhoods in Long Island. The house for sale is building by the 3D printing company SQ4D in the other local neighborhoods with a 3D printer and a robot. Moreover, the construction will begin this spring when weather conditions are improving.

The Ground-Breaking Construction System will Lower Costs to Build in the Traditional Way

In fact, SQ4D’s groundbreaking autonomous robotic construction system goal is to drive down construction costs. It makes homes quick. Thereby, it will increase safety with less reliance on human workers. This procedure is three times faster than traditional construction. It, will, in fact, will drop construction costs by 70%.

Once the machine is put on the lot, it prints out the house right there. Then there is laying concrete layer by layer from the foundations up to the interior and exterior walls. This is according to Kirk Anderson. He is the director of operations at SQ4D. He told FOX Business in an interview this information. Anderson said the construction completes in approximately 48 hours. Then the dwellings can be installing on any plot of purchased land. Anderson said that the general unit can balance out any cost of some pricey land. The company can come in and do 41% of the build. Then we can print the walls and our company can show you that this is going to reduce costs up to 70% of that 41%,” Anderson said.

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