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Assemblymembers Take Office This Week With Drive and Vigor

Assemblymembers Take Office This Week With Drive and Vigor

Assemblymembers from Long Island that are newly elected this past November officially start serving their communities this week.

Assemblymembers: Jarrett Gandolfo and Andrew Garbarino

Starting his first day in office, Jarrett Gandolfo (Republican) started his first day in office on Wednesday. Elected to New York’s 7th assembly district, Gandolfo replaces Andrew Garbarino. He elected to serve New York’s second congressional district.

It’s good to be in Albany and begin my first term. I was sent here by the people of the 7th District. There I fight for our small businesses, schools, police, and our way of life. In fact, that is exactly what I intend to do. Jarett Gandolfo said. However, our state government’s top goals should be to efficiently work on the COVID vaccine rollout. Moreover, we are supporting our healthcare works and small business through a pandemic. In the end, there is light at the end of this tunnel. Therefore, we can make sure we all get there together.

Congress Beckons Garbarino as he Moves Away from his Position in the New York State Assembly

In fact, Garbarino is reflecting on his time serving the 7th assembly district. This has occurred as he has prepared to head to Congress.

My tenure in the New York State Assembly is coming to a close as 2021 begins. I have had the honor of serving the residents of the 7th Assembly District for the past 8 years. He wrote this in a post. His accomplishments are many in this tenure. Garbarino helped rebuild in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. He also aided residents through the unemployment process as COVID-19 engulfed Long Island. Garbarino also passed some of the toughest sex offender laws in the nation. As well as supporting police and first responders when they needed it the most. Plus, so much more. I’m thankful to have participated in playing a small part in making people’s lives better. While we will continue to be challenging in 2021, I look ahead to working with anyone. Everyone will continue to serve the community I love as your next Congressman.”

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