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Governor Kathy Hochul Gives Her Hot Take on the Crime Rate

You are currently viewing Governor Kathy Hochul Gives Her Hot Take on the Crime Rate
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New York State Governor Kathy Hochul Has Made An Effort To Become More Vocal About Hate Crimes. All because she wants to keep fellow New Yorkers safe and happy. Lest that something to make them happy comes at a certain expense. Which in itself isn’t always the most fair option.

In fact, her plan is actually to allow for up to $75 million in grants to give to local police departments and houses of worship. All due to a sudden and concerning rise in antisemitic attacks occurring against Palestine in the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas war.

As it stands, the state is conducting a review of all the anti-discrimination and anti-Semitism that may be erupting from New York City’s very own public university system. All as the State Police looks to expand monitoring social media with the hopes of identifying online threats on college campuses. The methods of showing hatred in terrorism-like efforts has bee quite painful, althroughout.

The remarks identified by the Governor had come across as vandalism, threats and attacks versus the Muslims and the Jewish.

That said, Governor Hochul is hoping that the attacks will die down, when affecting the victim races of all of this negatively. A spike in hate crimes that Hochul is dedicated specifically to diminishing had occurred after Hamas made their attacks on Israel known, earlier in the month, in spite of a dip in hate crimes this year.

$50 million of the dollars had already been made readily available to local law enforcement while the remaining $25 million is being siphoned out to the upgrades in private security technology. This is relatively responsible if the governor, given that New York State has long suffered from from the dark underbelly of racism and hate crimes. It may mean so much for the Jewish and Muslim communities for the state to be behind protecting the descendants of the Israeli and Palestinian people.

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