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NY School Districts Share $100 Million To Fight Learning Loss

You are currently viewing NY School Districts Share $100 Million To Fight Learning Loss
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About $100 million has been sent over to fifty different school districts and BOCES in New York, with about six districts in the neighborhood of Long Island, to adhere to the mental health issues and post-pandemic learning loss, according to state Governor Kathy Hochul.

Specifically, Hempstead county had been earmarked for $5 million. Freeport is definitely about to receive $1.3 million. And Amityville is set to retain $1 million.

Such funding shows an announcement in August where about $100 million had been made available for school districts all through programs in regards to learning losses and mental health.

Such funding allows teachers and school staff specify how students have dropped behind as they produce students with the necessary resources allowing to support of metal health, even after the pandemic.

Additional Long Island districts that are receiving a chunk of the financial aid for their school district students come up to about $663,180 at East Quogue, Bellmore with $431 724 and South Country Central with $252,000.

Some of these school districts will allow the funding to power various needs that each of the areas in Long Island require in order for the mental health of students to stay consistent.

Experts in the area have much to blame when it comes to negative attributes that come with mental health. Such side-effects like anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies. They believe that the pre-existing factors in the United States, like screen addiction, a lack of resilience and pressure to outperform in school and sports, can easily make every day seem virtually insurmountable.

Schooling isn’t easy for anyone but of course, the hope is that all this funding is certainly going to send the school districts towards the right direction, as students are better encouraged, thanks to reinforced resources all around the great Empire State of New York.

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