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Daughter Murders Mom, Calls 911

Daughter Murders Mom, Calls 911

A Long Island woman placed a call to the police early Tuesday morning. During the call she indicated that she’d just strangled her own mother inside the house where they both live. This information comes courtesy of the Suffolk County Police.

Sharon Easter reached out to police sometime after 8 a.m. Then, Ms. Easter relayed to the operator that she had just killed her own mother within their home located on Cocoanut Street in Central Islip.

Authorities immediately dispatched local police to the house. When officers arrived, they found the woman, 76-year-old Dorothy Easter on the floor. According to police, the woman was clearly dead from the supposed strangulation. In fact, the police said they were significant strangulation injuries suffered to her neck area.

Suffolk Police theorize, based on the available evidence, that Sharon Easter strangled her mother by using a vacuum cleaner cord. This instrument was definitely responsible for the visible injuries to her neck.

Detective Lieutenant Beyer of the Suffolk Homicide Squad spoke to the Associated Press and said that they thought the daughter suffered from “some mental health issues.” Consequently, these issues played a factor in the unusual killing.

Police charge the 57-year-old Ms. Easter with murder in the second degree for the alleged crime. Currently, she’s being kept in police custody. Furthermore, she’s scheduled to be arraigned on the charges today, June 19th.

As of right now, officials have not provided any information on Easter’s lawyer. Suffolk Police will update the case as needed.

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