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DA Thomas Spota Gets Five Years in Prison

You are currently viewing DA Thomas Spota Gets Five Years in Prison
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DA Thomas Spota is a disgraced former local Southeastern County DA. He landed five years in prison Tuesday for obstructing a federal investigation into a sordid cover-up involving sex toys, assault, and a top local police chief.

DA Thomas Spota To Service a 60-Month Stint Behind Bars

Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota is in a lot of trouble. The U.S. Eastern District Judge Joan Azrack did hand down the 60-month stint behind bars and $100,00 in fines to the 79-year-old Spota. This was after a jury found the ex-district attorney guilty of charges that ranged from conspiracy to witness-tampering in 2019.

DA Top Aid and Ex-Chief of His Anti-Corruption Unit

Christopher McPartland, the former DA’s top aid and ex-chief of his anti-corruption unit, got a sentence by the judge to five years in prison for the cover-up, as well.

The Judge is not Happy With DA Spota’s Conduct

“Moreover, the pertinent facts of this crime are very so outrageous,” Azrack said. “Mr. Spota’s conduct, like Mr. McPartland’s, was really not a momentary moral lapse. Rather, he did consciously engage in a years-long cover-up.”

Now, both men had faced up to 20 years behind bars.

Illicit Actions Causing Regret and Remorse at Grim Sentencing

Therefore, Spota is hoping now not to die in prison alone. Moreover, he also said the family will forever be tainted by his disgrace. He should have been more cognizant about the repercussions much earlier on and the effect it had all concerning. Spota said all this before being sentencing.

In fact, the Chief Assistant US Attorney Nicole Boeckmann has, moreover, arguing for prison for Spota. She said he had failed to “take responsibility for his actions to this day.”

“You have not heard an apology,” Boeckmann pointed out.

Moreover, Spota and McPartland trying to cover for Suffolk Police Chief James Burke after the top cop attacking a cuffed prisoner.

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