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Isaias Leaves over 100,000 Without Power
NASA image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team,Goddard Space Flight Center

Isaias Leaves over 100,000 Without Power

Long Island, NY – Hurricane Isaias is leaving over 100,000 without power. The storm brought high winds and heavy rain that knocked out trees and blew roofs off their houses.

The state is quickly attempting to reconfigure power lines and connect houses to their grid once more. Unfortunately, there are many that are still waiting to return to their daily lives.

“We have not seen or heard a PSEG truck anywhere,” Glen Cove resident Sandy Schlimer said. “My mom is 87. We’re in a hot house. I’m all electric. I had to throw out everything in the fridge and the freezer this morning.”

For many residents, the storms destruction is a reminder of Hurricane Sandy that left many without power for over 2 weeks.

“We’re praying that doesn’t happen again,” she said. “They keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow, and every day we check, and it’s tomorrow again.”

Isaias Downs Hundreds Of Trees

The storms brought down over 800 trees. These trees brought down countless power lines and created structural damage throughout the city.

One of the largest issues are for people who rely on electricity for medical support. People who use oxygen for assist breathing need to be rushed to the nearest hospital.

The affects of Isaias is widespread. Fortunately, major energy supplier PSEG released a statement regarding the deliverence of power to homes.

“Our goal, always, is to restore power safely and as quickly as possible,” PSEG said in a statement. “Crews will work to restore critical facilities first, followed by outages affecting the largest number of customers, and then address outages affecting small numbers of individual customers.”

The city is currently standing by with local authorities to get and update on when their power might be restored. With many residents looking for an answer, the best possible one that has been given is Friday of next week.

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