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Man with a Scary Mask Searched for Manhattan Shooting

Man with a Scary Mask Searched for Manhattan Shooting

MANHATTAN, NY — Police in Manhattan is seeking for a man with a mask of a horror movie villain in the shooting of 2 people.

Early Thursday on West 163rd Street in Washington Heights, the police stayed at the scene to investigate the shooting happened just before 2 A.M. Many people were standing outside, according to witnesses.

According to the Police Department, a 21-year-old was shot multiple times in the stomach, leg, and groin, also, a 17-year-old were shot in the stomach and taken to Harlem Hospital.

Both victims are predicted to survive.

One man was with the victims before the shooting took place and was just going to bed when heard the noises of the shots.

I went to sleep and after I heard the shots,” he reported. After that, he woke up and heard his friend screaming out and then police officers came with an ambulance.

The gunman is still being searched. According to the police, the suspect was wearing a mask and a green hoodie jacket.

The incident was the last one after 5 shootings that police responded to during the Halloween day. There were also 3 stabbing incidents. All victims in other incidents are also expected to survive.

The motive of the shooting is not known at this moment, however, police said there was some sort of dispute leading up to the shooting.

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