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Several Teens Charged in the Stabbing Death of 16-Year-Old

Several Teens Charged in the Stabbing Death of 16-Year-Old

LONG ISLAND, NY – Several teens are facing gang assault charges in the stabbing and death of a teenager at an Oceanside strip mall on September 16.

Earlier this month, 16-year-old Kahseen Morris was stabbed to death at an Oceanside strip mall, while dozens of bystanders watched and recorded the incident. The video of the stabbing was shared through Snapchat and has been seen by many, including the victim’s family.

Now, this video of the crime is being used as part of the investigation. Police forces mentioned that there were more than 50 teenagers present. Unfortunately, everyone at the scene decided to take the video, instead of offering their help to the victim or intervening.

All the suspects are between 16 and 19 years old, and three out of all the teens facing charges surrendered to the police. Meanwhile, a few others were taken into custody as part of the ongoing investigation.

Two of the suspects are male juveniles while the others are barely adults. They are all originally from Long Beach.

While the suspects are not part of any particular gang, they are being charged with gang assault due to the nature of the attack, which authorities believe was likely pre-arranged. The police forces also believe the dispute that led to the stabbing was over a girl.

Last week, Tyler Flach was arrested as the alleged attacker. The 18-year-old who faced manslaughter charges appeared in court and pleaded not guilty. Flach, originally from Lido Beach, is accused of multiple stabbings to the chest in the murder of Morris.

Detectives said Flach was a friend of the girl’s ex-boyfriend, while Morris was a close friend of said girl. Everything points to him as the intended target due to his relationship with her.

After being stabbed several times in the chest, Morris was rushed to the hospital, where he died shortly after. Apparently, the investigation also led to the discovery of several threatening texts the victim had previously received.

The funeral services for Morris will take place in Oceanside this Saturday.

The authorities have also asked anyone with information to call Crimestoppers if they think they can help with the still-ongoing investigation.

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