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Trucking in Winter: Safety Tips

Trucking in Winter: Safety Tips

Winter is approaching…  that means dangers on the road for truckers!

Accidents can occur more easily with bad road conditions in the winter. So, we must be more aware and vigilant in our winter safety practices! You’ll need to up your game and strengthen your big rig driving skills. What do you do to stay safe on winter roads? Here are some alternative tips and guidelines to remember when driving in winter.

Most importantly – and probably a bit obvious – is to simply be more careful. You need to modify your driving according to the weather. Give yourself extra stopping time and drive slower on snowy and icy roads. Keep safe distances behind other vehicles – especially if visibility is poor. The front vehicle may drive off the road, and you won’t want to follow them.

This is why it is important to not only be aware of your own actions, but to look out for others. Drivers of other vehicles can be unpredictable and might get in your way on winter roads. Basically – checking blind spots more often, being aware, and planning ahead are most important.

If roads are too obstructed and unsafe, don’t try to power through just to make your delivery on time. Put safety first and get off the roads! Pull over where it is safe – do not stop on the shoulder of the road, where other drivers may think you’re still driving. Wait until it is clear and safe to drive again.

In terms of the actual truck, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make 100% sure that everything in the truck is working properly and filled up before you drive. This includes your wipers, lights, brake lights, washer fluid, etc. Keep your fuel filled up in order to put extra weight on the tires. This helps with traction! You’ll also want to make sure your lights stay clean. When you can, stop and clear off lights – these build up with snow and ice during bad storms. The bright lights are important for multiple reasons. You will be able to see things better and others will be able to see you.

Essentially, when driving in winter, always be prepared. Use your best judgment to maneuver through the icy roads… and stay safe out there!

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