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Daymak Brings In New Electric Vehicles For Everyone To Nerd Over

Daymak Brings In New Electric Vehicles For Everyone To Nerd Over

Daymak is well-known. They have revolutionary designs of Light Electric Vehicles under their belt. Electric-powered bikes are especially popular these days. And considering that Daymak Avvenire is about to reach it’s launch date, Daymak could not be more enthusiastic! The new product line includes entries to the electric vehicle line that the likes of the industry has never seen before. We’re talking ultra cool LEVs that could shock the competition. Straight-up into submission! Think The Undertaker, except, instead of putting wrestlers in coffins, Daymak is putting other makes/models into used car dealerships. The founder of Daymak, Aldo Baiocchi believes that they have the potential to make a positive impact. All thanks to their clean vehicles. “We build our vehicles to give freedom of movement that are also a joy to ride.”

But what makes Daymak different?!

They’ve got drive. Electric drive. Electric drive to bring smiles to people’s faces faster than rising through the stock market.

There are several vehicles that Daymak is bringing in with their Avvenire series. Six, actually. Don’t you want to learn more about these various vehicles? I sure do.


It’s an ebike that can handle equal amounts of on-road and off-road conditions. Additionally, the solar panels help increase the battery life. Enough for 62 miles on one charge.


An enclosed bike, this one-person electric vehicle is prepared to represent Daymak with it’s own travel capabilities. The range extends to 120 miles, while providing amenities like an GPS alarms and back-up cameras.


This e-scooter is a stunner. It’s all-wheel drive with fully-electric capabilities. There’s no weather conditions it can’t weather. Same with any and every type of road. 99 miles on one charge? You can do some real damage with this Daymak.


This one model tends to be an all-terrain vehicle unlike any other. Lightweight, enclosed and useful for camping excursions and hunting exercises. No emissions while running on a silent motors does help out, surely.


The model you’ve all been waiting for. The Electric Car. It’s a two-seat coupe, piloted automatically by a computer, with useful Wireless Fidelity and a totally entertaining entertainment system. It can go from 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds. I’d say it may beat your kid’s tricycle in a race, wouldn’t you?


Are you ready? I’m not. This is an electric vehicle capable of flight. Flight, man! We need air traffic! I would gladly wait in line like George Jetson if the asphalt was arid indeed!

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