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Audi CEO Believes The Future Of Electric Vehicles Involve Less Range

Audi CEO Believes The Future Of Electric Vehicles Involve Less Range

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann has been able to offer his two cents on future EVs. And it looks pretty limited.

As of late, Audi has made it known that their electric vehicle entries are real home runners. The automaker had just shown off the E-Tron GT model earlier, while also speaking of an electric R8. Even a next-generation model of the A4 and the A6 is likely to turn into EVs by the decade’s end. With plenty of projects laid out, Audi is trying to show that they’re able to invest huge bucks into developing more electric vehicles. The batteries are put on for thousands of kilometers but the charging infrastructure.

The Executive explains that with naturally gas propelled vehicles, it’s very easy to get energy for driving. But nowadays, with electric vehicles, there deifinitely isn’t that feeling of being so natural. Especially since you’re okay with several different sizes of batteries going down and up with prices. And the cars can be too heavy at times as well.

Audi is likely to release more “purpose-built” battery-powered cars. Essentially, that translates to combustion-capable Audi vehicles to be converted with batteries and electric motors. All the way into EV status.

And of course, some people consider this type of behavior to not be any better than what the manufacturers have been hypnotizing us to believe.

Audi is making themselves audible.

American sill always be driving their cars across the continental United States. And if that’s the case, then charging stations could hang in the balance. The efficiency of charging vehicles is still relatively new and on the verge of being improved beyond meager means. Whether or not that will make a bigger difference in the scheme of things is yet to be seen.

So to contest human progress is absolutely unnecessary. And almost laughable in it’s own way.

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