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How to Prepare Your Car for Transport

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Looking to ship your car? You’ve come to the right place! At Long Island Car Transport, we’ve done this many times, and we know everything you need to do to ensure your car transport goes smoothly. So, here are our tips on how to prepare your car for transport.

Pick the right service

The right transport service for you depends on where you’re going and what kind of car you have. Car transport services like ours have a variety of options that cater to these specific needs. For example, some customers want to specify that their car gets shipped right to their doorstep. Maybe they have no easy way to get to our usual drop-off points, or maybe they don’t have the time to make that trip. In that case, they’d want to choose our door-to-door service. Before you begin to prepare your car itself, make sure you choose the right transport service.

Wash everything and take pictures

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your car for transport is to wash it thoroughly. This may seem superfluous, but it’s critical to keeping track of how companies handle your car. If you wash your car thoroughly before transport, any scratches or dings will be much more visible to you on the other end.

Taking pictures of the whole car helps with this as well. If you have pictures from before transport that show what your car looked like, you’ll know that any new scratches happened while the car was not in your hands. This helps keep transport companies honest and committed to keeping your car safe.

Don’t fill up

You may think it’s a good idea to fill up your tank before transport so it’ll arrive at its destination full and ready to go. However, this is not the case. Car carriers bear tons of weight, especially if they carry multiple cars at once. Because of this, it’s important to reduce the load on these vehicles. And, if your car has a leak that you don’t know about, it could leak a full tank of gas during transport. That’s not good! You can leave enough gas in your tank to get home or to a gas station, but make sure not to fill it to the brim.

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