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Lamborghini Teases New Model
Photo by Alexander Migl

Lamborghini Teases New Model

Car enthusiasts rejoice; the new Lamborghini is just one of many future models sneaking their way back into the public eye. COVID-19 safety guidelines stalled the production of many fan favorites. But carmakers want you to know they’re back in business. And the new Lamborghini drops tomorrow.

Lamborghini has been making sleek sports cars since 1963. Though the Italian company faced some financial trouble in the 70’s, it has managed to remain a household name throughout its 57 years of operation. It teased its 2020 model with a single nondescript shot on Twitter. The caption read: “The future is here, and it is unlike anything the world may have seen before. Get ready to witness the official unveiling of our latest creation at 6 PM CEST on July 8th, 2020…” It then links both the company website and suggests visiting their YouTube channel.

So what’s on the rumor mill?

The 2020 Lamborghini Mystery

Fans are speculating that the close-up pic hints at a new Sián update. Some rumors even suggest that it might be a convertible model. The Sián isn’t even a year old yet but still, Lamborghini has been working hard to keep it fresh, fun, and functional. Joint marketing ventures have kept the name on the tip of our tongues with fun LEGO Technic sets. The company even admitted that the Sián inspired Lamborghini’s new 4000 horsepower yacht.

We won’t know anything with certainty until tomorrow. Lamborghini will stream the live event on its website and social media channels. If you don’t want to do the math: the event will take place at 6 PM in Bologna, Italy. This means it will happen concurrently at 12 PM in New York and 9 AM in Los Angeles.

If you intend to be an owner of this new mystery car, have that payment plan at the ready. Speculators believe that it will be sold out as soon as it’s unveiled.

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