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Paul Walker Memoriam: His Life Needs Not To Be Reenacted

Paul Walker Memoriam: His Life Needs Not To Be Reenacted

“Nothing really matters unless you have a code.” That’s what the character Brian O’Connor has come to learn from his partners in cool crime. It’s been seven years since Paul Walker left us in the fitting yet cruel death of a California car crash. Well, not yet. It’s going to be seven years on the thirtieth. But because I wasn’t as vested in Mr. Walker as Tyrese Gibson or Vin Diesel was, I am choosing to do my Memoriam to him several weeks early.

Paramount Network | August 11th, 2018

Paul Walker had love for the outdoors, for escapism and for the auto industry in general. He would enjoy racing cars, even when not filming for Universal. There was an energy about him that would love learning more about motorsports. He’d be more of a Nissan Skyline guy than a muscle bound car. Always Evolving was a racing team that Paul Walker co-created. On top of that, Paul Walker also made the charity Reach Out Worldwide to help hurricane victims with relief efforts.

There’s plenty more to the man behind the motor, but for now, it may be best put to say that his stunts shown in all of the Fast and Furious were all done, maybe by his stunt drivers, but with genuine interest from the actor himself.

Paul Walker was a racing virtuoso!

SceneScreen | September 23rd, 2020

Another aspect of Paul you might want to understand is that he died with his last words being “let’s go for a ride.” After which the trauma and fire disguised his bone structure from eyes that wanted to understand the sporty actor superstar.

I would suppose Paul Walker is also quite the car enthusiast. He had quite an array, including the Volvo P1800, the Saleen S7, the Rolls-Royce Ghost, the Ford Bronco II, the Ferrari 400 i, the BMW M1, a fourth generation Lincoln Continental and a Toyota Supera Mark IV.

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