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County Leader Bruce Blakeman Details his Mask Mandate Opinion

You are currently viewing County Leader Bruce Blakeman Details his  Mask Mandate Opinion
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County executive in the area of the New York State said that Governor Kathy Hochul’s new order is mandating civilians to provide proof they have been vaccinating. Also, that wearing a mask is both unnecessary and really ill-advised. Therefore, he is not going to enforce it.

Mask Mandate – Steep Fines and Punishments

The former lieutenant governor under Andrew Cuomo is Hochul. She took over when the “disgraced” Democrat left office earlier this year. She did announce the mandate which is effective this week. It is accompanied by steep fines and other punishments.

A former Democratic congresswoman that is from a city in New York, Hochul, 63 has appeared to criticize the people of New York. This is for not electing to get that initial jab or its booster shots quick enough:

“I would not have to put in place a mask mandate if people did get their vaccinations and booster shots. This is a mask or vaccine option. In fact, you do have the maximum flexibility. I do go to the gym and then wear my mask,” she did say while announcing the order.

County Leader Bruce Blakeman

Elected this past November, a county in Long Island Executive-elect Bruce Blakeman was elected this past November to succeed Democrat Laura Curran. Blakeman said his analysis of the country he will be charged with leading is really strong enough that such a mandate is unnecessary:

“It has a population of 1.5 million people for Nassau County. There are over 90% of our adult population is vaccinated. Moreover, there is no crisis in our hospitals. In fact, we do have plenty of hospital bed capacity. In our ICU units, we have a lot of capacity. Therefore, I won’t enforce the mask mandate because it’s not necessary,” he said.

“In fact, in our local county, we do not have a crisis. Moreover, people want to get back to normal.”

Blakeman has said that Hochul is painting the Empire State with too wide a brush stroke and it is likely reacting to the regional “hospital crisis” in her hometown. It is nearly 500 miles away from his county.

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