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Governor Cuomo Announces Clean Water, Drinking Water Projects

You are currently viewing Governor Cuomo Announces Clean Water, Drinking Water Projects
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Governor Cuomo today announced that the State Environmental Facilities Corporation Board of Directors has approved more than $48 million in grants, interest-free loans, and low-cost loans. This would be to support critical drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects. Adding $500 million appropriations, the FY Enacted Budget to support clean water raising the State’s complete investment to $4 billion. Thus, it would be to continue to fulfill the state’s $5 billion clean water commitment.

Projects would be located in Long Island and many other New York state areas.

Governor Cuomo Announcement: $500 Million Appropriated for Clean Water Initiatives

“There is clean water and functioning water infrastructure. They are in fact, essential parts of the standard of living and quality of life. This is for all in the state, and towns and villages across the state. They have a continuing need for wastewater treatment plans and moreover water tanks that needs to be filled,” Governor Cuomo said. Supporting clean water initiatives, the newly enacted budget has dedicated $500 million. Thus, it would increase our investment and brings the state closer to fulfilling its commitment to the state. Moreover, these projects do understate our pledge to help protect the environment. In addition, to the health of the state’s residents and families.”

Protecting Precious Water Resources

“The EFC Board of Directors has said it will ensure that communities, through the state, can it get cost-effectively. It undergo important projects that help protect our vital water resources,” said Environmental Facilities Corporation President and CEO Joseph Rabito. “This is by approving grants and low-cost financing for important water infrastructure work.”

Governor Cuomo: State Leader in Safe, Quality Drinking Water

“In fact, our state is a national leader in providing safe, top-tier drinking water for our communities. Moreover, the state’s groundbreaking grant and loan companies are really providing financial solutions. They to make sure our cities, towns, and villages have the tools to complete critical water infrastructure improvement projects. Therefore, the DEC is very proud to work with Environmental Facilities Corporation. As well as communities across the state to help get the state’s aging water infrastructure up to date.”

Funds and Grants

Financing through the Clean and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds and Grants approved by the Board. Both are part of the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act program. Visit EFC’s website, for more information, at

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