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Mega Water Park Offers Residents Fun and Good Times

Mega Water Park Offers Residents Fun and Good Times

Mega Water Park is getting ready to make a big splash in a Southeastern Isle which is sprawled across 42 acres.

Mega Water Park is a Refreshing Respite

“That’s my specialty, watching the kids play. Then show them how to have fun,” said developer and owner Eric Scott.

Island Water Park is a mega water park with a huge manmade lake, indoor surfing, a Ninja Warrior obstacle course, electric bumper boats with water cannons, beach volleyball courts, a spa, golf simulators, and much more.

In fact, Scott says he believes it will complement what is already in that area.

Mega Water Park is About the Rides

“Even though it’s a waterpark, “Splish Splash,” they’re all rides. Moreover, we don’t have one ride. In fact, ours are activities. I really think anyone coming from any kind of distance is going to want to go to Splish Splash. Also, the aquarium, Tanger Outlets, all the benefits of Island Water Park,” said Scott.

In Riverhead Town in Long Island, the supervisor said the park can’t come soon enough. Moreover, it’s been more than 20 years in the making. There are some plan revisions and ongoing questions from environmental groups. In fact, the park is just a few months from opening. Thus, it already has its permits. And, in fact, it passed state and county environmental reviews.

We don’t have a lot of activities for our youth, unfortunately. Moreover, this is going to employ our youth. In fact, it’s a mini Disneyland!” exclaimed Riverhead Town Supervisor Yvette Aguiar.

Tourism and Cool Things

“In fact, the tourism that’s going to go on between here and the rest of the wineries, the farms, we, in fact, thrive in the town of Riverhead and see the people come out and seeing all the cool things we have here,” said Riverhead councilman Frank Beyrodt Jr.

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