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Man Starts Police Chase After Phone Theft

You are currently viewing Man Starts Police Chase After Phone Theft
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LONG ISLAND, NY – After police tried to arrest him for stealing a woman’s phone, a Long Island man fled from police, starting a lengthy chase. The man? Daniel Heckman, thirty years old, from Holbrook. Allegedly, he stole a phone from a 25-year-old woman in Hicksville. This occurred earlier this month, on January 4th. This incident happened after he violated an order to stay away from the woman. This information comes from the Nassau County police department.

So, when the police arrived at Heckman’s house on Monday to make the arrest, he fled. He got into a Nissan Maxima and sped off. This forced one of the officers to jump out of the way of the vehicle to avoid injury. He backed out of the driveway and drove off.

Police Chase Leads Onto Long Island Expressway

A pursuit ensued. The police followed him on a car chase. They tried to get Heckman to pull over on North Service Road. But, he did not pull over. Instead, Heckman drove onto the Long Island Expressway, driving erratically the whole way.

After some time, Heckman evidently just gave up. He turned his car around and headed back to his home. According to police, when he arrived, he refused to leave his car. After a struggle with police, he was finally arrested.

Police charged Heckman with a laundry list of offenses. This includes reckless endangerment, and he’s been charged with unlawful fleeing of a police officer in a motor vehicle. Additionally, he was charged for petty larceny, criminal contempt, and multiple traffic law and vehicle violations.

These kinds of incidents are rare, but they serve to remind us just how weird the world is out there. Hopefully, this guy will go away for sometime and no one else will have to lose their phone.

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