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Tesla Model 3 Among Most Affordable EVs on 2022 EV Miles Report

You are currently viewing Tesla Model 3 Among Most Affordable EVs on 2022 EV Miles Report
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The Electric Vehicle market is going all around the world for further popularity. And in that world tour, you may actually start asking for questions. Of course, there are some real expensive Electric Vehicles on the market, but there’s also some affordable ones in revamp. MSRPs have numbers that matters. It’s important for consumers since it’s a large purchase because they want to see their money go to good use.

EVs Are Affordable On This List, According To Zutobi. Tesla Is One Of the Best, Of Course.

In terminology, you can look at Kilowatt-Hours and TCO (total cost of ownership) as the main factors in your first EV purchase. To see where you change your range, you have to really go about the process in a push-and-pull combination.

What makes the Tesla Model 3 So Special?

For starters, it has great Long Range and RWD versions. That option in the vehicle allows for the Performance Trim to make the list with the rest f the versions. It’s operational cost may be a little much but it certainly is worth the look-about.

Tesla Model 3 is going to save you plenty of money from a wide perspective, but chances are, you’ll have to pay a higher upfront cost in contrast to other EVs found on the list.

Just peruse this and you can visit the link here to learn more about the other models.

Zutobi’s 2022 EV Miles Report

EV Make/Model

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (Dual Motor)
Cost Per
Miles Per $100
Tesla Model 3 (RWD)57.5 kWh235 mi$8.12$0.032,894
Hyundai IONIQ Electric38.3 kWh155 mi$5.41$0.032,866
Fiat 500e Hatchback (24 kWh)21.3 kWh85 mi$3.01$0.042,826
Mini Electric28.9 kWh115 mi$4.08$0.042,818
Hyundai Kona Electric (39 kWh)39.2 kWh155 mi$5.54$0.042,800
Nissan LEAF36 kWh140 mi$5.08$0.042,754
Peugeot e-20845 kWh175 mi$6.35$0.042,754
Vauxhall Corsa-e45 kWh175 mi$6.35$0.042,754
Fiat 500e Hatchback (42 kWh)37.3 kWh145 mi$5.27$0.042,753
Volkswagen e-UP!32.3 kWh125 mi$4.56$0.042,741
Hyundai Kona Electric (64 kWh)64 kWh245 mi$9.04$0.042,711
BMW i3 (120 Ah)37.9 kWh145 mi$5.35$0.042,710
Fiat 500e Cabrio37.3 kWh140 mi$5.27$0.042,658
Renault Zoe ZE50 R11052 kWh195 mi$7.34$0.042,656
Tesla Model 3 Performance76 kWh285 mi$10.73$0.042,656
Volkswagen ID.3 Pro58 kWh215 mi$8.19$0.042,625
Volkswagen ID.3 Pro Performance58 kWh215 mi$8.19$0.042,625
Kia e-Niro (39 kWh)39.2 kWh145 mi$5.54$0.042,620
BMW i3s (120 Ah)37.9 kWh140 mi$5.35$0.042,616

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