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Trains Slam into Car in Deadly Long Island Crash

You are currently viewing Trains Slam into Car in Deadly Long Island Crash
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LONG ISLAND, NY – A vehicle attempted to go around a warning gate along the tracks of the Long Island Railroad on Tuesday, according to officials. As a result, the vehicle collided with a Manhattan-bound commuter train. While the vehicle was in the tracks, another train traveling in the opposite directing barreled down the tracks. This train also collided with the vehicle. As a result of the horrific crash, all three people inside the vehicle were killed.

The Long Island crash occurred just before 7:30 pm, near the Westbury station. The train that initially collided with the vehicle was headed for Penn Station. The train was traveling very quickly, and the driver of the vehicle was likely trying to “beat the gate.” This comes from the Nassau County Police Chief, Patrick Ryder. Ryder also stated that the train partially derailed. In fact, it actually hit the station and knocked off about 30 yards of concrete there.

According to Phillip Eng, the Long Island Rail Road President, the collision with the first train pushed the vehicle toward the second train. This is how the vehicle was hit a second time. However, Eng did confirm that the warning gates and lights were functioning properly at the time of the accident. The driver must have been eager to get through the tracks and avoid waiting at the gate. This is why drivers must always stop at the allocated area as soon as the flashing red lights begin and the gate starts to lower.

The names of those killed in this tragic Long Island crash have not been released to the public.

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