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Where to Find The Best Authentic Italian Pizza in Long Island?

Where to Find The Best Authentic Italian Pizza in Long Island?

Long Island, Massapequa – October is Pizza Month. The never-ending debate on Long Island over the best pizza place now has the answer.
Long Islanders vote Mario’s Pizza &Restaurant as the Best Pizza on Long Island. The Pizza place is located in Massapequa. And it wins the Best of Long Island competition for the third year in the row.

The title of Best Specialty Pizza on Long Island in that contest was given to Saverio’s Pizza Room. Mario’s pizza never allows customers to go home hungry. For those who are hungry craving pizza, Mario pizza will not make you wait for too long.

It has the fastest and most reliable pizza delivery. The pizza place is loved among customers for different reasons. It always serves fresh sauce from the scratch and every pie is handmade.

The best Italian specialties like pasta, classic chicken or seafood favorites leave every customer hungry just by thinking about it.

All these specialties can be delivered or catered any time the customer orders.

For the best authentic Neapolitan pizza, Saverio is the master of all. Here the customer has an experience of Neapolitan taste and traditions.

Customers say once you have Saverio pizza, it instantly becomes your favorite. Friendly staff and the quality of ingredients are contributing factors.

100 percent Italian extra-virgin olive oil is decorating the tastiest pizza and takes it to another level.


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