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Car Transport Mistakes to Avoid

You are currently viewing Car Transport Mistakes to Avoid
Avoid these rookie mistakes to make your transport work!
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When you’re new to car transport, it can be easy to make some rookie mistakes. Car transport may seem simple, but there are some things you can do to ensure your transport goes off without a hitch. Missing these small things can lead to complications with your shipment, which of course we want to avoid! So avoid these rookie mistakes to make your car transport experience as smooth as possible.

Not having the right documents

Car transport companies do need to see some documentation before they can commit to shipping your car. After all, we can’t just take any old car that rolls in from the street! For us to transport your car, we’ll need to know that it is, in fact, your car. So having your vehicle’s title (or bill of sale, if you bought it recently) is a must for transport. We’ll also ask for your car’s insurance information. Not having these documents ready when you come to drop off your car for transport is a rookie mistake that is easily avoided.

Leaving personal items in your car

Emptying your car of all personal items before transport is an absolute must. All car carriers carry extensive insurance coverage to ensure your car’s safety, but personal items in a car aren’t covered by typical car carrier insurance packages. So, any items you leave in your car won’t be covered. But leaving personal items in your car can cause problems beyond damage or loss of the items themselves. Heavy items can increase the cost of your transport by increasing fuel costs for the car hauler. And the items will jostle and shift during transport, which in the worst case can cause significant interior damage. Avoid these problems by emptying your car ahead of time.

Filling up beforehand

Many people new to the car transport world ask us if they should fill up before transport. We respond to that with a resounding “No!” Filling up your tank before transport increases the weight our carriers have to bear, increasing our fuel costs and the amount of time your transport will take. This is especially important for long-distance shipments, as your car will spend more time on the back of its carrier, increasing the impact of its weight. Fuel can also leak out of a poorly-maintained vehicle, worsening the condition of our roads. We recommend leaving just enough fuel to comfortably make it to a gas station when you pick your car up at the other end. That way, you’ll have just the fuel you need and no more.

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