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Cops Indicted in Kickback Scheme Involving Bribery

Cops Indicted in Kickback Scheme Involving Bribery

Cops that include a retiree and two officers wound up being actually indicting on federal bribery charges in a Mid-Atlantic region. This was on Friday. It was in connection with a kickback scheme. It was tied to their assignments to a local regional precinct, law enforcement sources have, in fact, announcing.

Cops Conspiring With Each Other

James Davneiro, 42, from local region, and Giancarlo Osma, 39, from another local region, working out of the 107th Precinct based in when they allegedly conspired with retired officer Michael Perri, 32, of another local region, to, in fact, send the victims of car collisions to Perri’s tow trucking and auto repair business. The cops are from Long Island.

Thousands of dollars in cash payments was the compensation for their efforts was provided by Perri to the officers. This is according to acting U.S. Attorney Jacquelyn M. Kasulis providing the officers with this money.

“These defendants disgracing their badges and then betraying the public trust. Also their oaths as police officers by lining their pockets with cash bribes,” Kasulis said.

In fact, Davneiro and Osma, prosecutors said, would, in fact, respond to the collisions within the 107th Precinct’s confines and then direct drivers to use Perri’s business rather than to businesses. Therefore, they are using by the NYPD’s Directed Accident Response Program. That would identify “appropriate licensed tow trucking and automobile repair businesses” to respond to such incidents.

About a month after the alleged kickback scheme had begun, Perri had retired from the NYPD in June 2020. This is what federal prosecutors said.

Travel Act and More

One count of conspiracy to violate the Travel Act and one count of using interstate facilities to commit bribery is what Davneiro, Osma, and Perri were charged with. These counts are punishable by up to five years behind bars upon the conviction.

Suspended from the NYPD with pay are both Davneiro and Osma, law enforcement sources said.

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