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Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 Has Steep Price At $100,000

You are currently viewing Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 Has Steep Price At $100,000
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Dodge has spent about seven months or so hyping up the “Last Call” models of their lineup. Such as the Challengers and the Chargers. And finally, just now, there is a matter of unleashing the seventh one in their arsenal. Specifically, the Dodge Demon. Now, why the base price of the vehicle is $96,666, isn’t so relevant, because Dodge is anticipating for every customer to be investing in destination fees as well as the gas-guzzler tax. Of course, this comes in the form of $1,595 for shipping while the gas-guzzler tax is rated at $2,100 to carry the base price up to above $100,000. Specifically, $100,361.

Now, one might believe that such a price range is very ridiculous for the Challenger. But this is necessary pricing. All while the Demon creates a different price range with about four-figure horsepower ratings as the chops are shifted for the Hellcat engine. Which in itself, is expiring. The V-8 Hellcat engines are diminishing in numbers as the likelihood is how the engine is seeing it’s sunset.

Now, regarding the Demon, the car produces about 1025 horsepower with about 945 pound-feet of torque within modern-day changes. Because of this, the Demon 170 utilizes a mix of E85 flex fuel. Meanwhile, the Demon can still manage to make 900 horsepower and 810 pound-feet through the usual pump gasoline.

Muscle cars can be a little fancy sometimes!

In spite of maintaining a high price, the Demon 170 does possess different choices. Similar to the older Demon, which arrived as a single, cloth-covered driver’s seat. With another passenger seat, it was only a buck more. Of course, there was two front bucket seats, with available nappa leather. All while the variety of the interior mirrored with each separate Hellcat Challenger. All with a set of $11,495 aluminum wheels and carbon-fiber wheels was available. Meanwhile, the upgraded wheels are similar in design, much like the standard set but therefore save about 25 combined pounds. Of course, the rest of the competition has this similar package too. But there’s no evident pricing set for Dodge’s own package.

Production is likely to begin in July, while also being limited to a figure under the range of 3,300. So the company of Dodge is looking to ramp it up to 300 for Canada right before production ends on December 31st.

As far as Dodge is concerned, the imminent change won’t stop the loads of mid-age crisis dad from pulling off with the Demon.

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  1. Derek Giffen

    That’s not a Demon

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