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Driving Around Long Island

You are currently viewing Driving Around Long Island
Long Island differs from the city, because most people drive themselves around.
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When you think of Long Island, the first thing you think of is likely not a car on the road. Long Island is still a New York City adjacent location, so it is hard to imagine people driving themselves there. Typically, when you think of New York City transit, you picture taxi cabs or the subway system and very rarely one’s own car. Long Island is actually a bit of an exception to this rule. This city is an island extended off of New York City, so it does not follow the main rules of the city. It is essentially a very close suburb of the city, so it is full of commuters and even has some rural areas, so everyone relies on self-transport in Long Island.

In fact, getting around Long Island itself almost requires having a car.

But you may now be concerned if you are not much of a driver yourself, or worried the roads will be like New York City streets. Firstly, the roads are not like New York City at all. Most are decently paved, but there are also a good amount of gravel and dirt roads. Secondly, there is no better time than now to become a better driver and gain more comfort on the road!

Long Island is Actually Long

When getting ready to drive on the island, you first need to understand its shape. It genuinely is a long island. It is about 5 times longer in length than in width. Driving in the east or west directions is fairly straightforward and easy to do, but north and south are different stories. The roads that travel in this direction are not as easily accessible, meaning if you miss one, it may be a bit until you get to your other one. When driving east or west, there are some guidelines to follow. Generally, if possible, avoid driving west in the morning during rush hour. You will be hit by commuter traffic going to the city. Furthermore, if possible, avoid driving east during evening traffic, as you will get hit by commuter traffic coming back.

Expressways and Parkways

Long Island has both types of roadways. Parkways are limited to only passenger license plates as they are scenic routes. Inversely, the two expressways on the island are open to both passenger and commercial traffic.

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