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Forward Industries Shift Their Headquarters Upwards

You are currently viewing Forward Industries Shift Their Headquarters Upwards
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Long Island, NY – In a statement from Forward Industries Incorporated, they will be moving their headquarters to Long Island. It reflects an evolving business model. Therefore, surprises are in-store.

The ambition of founding, operating and maintaining the longevity of a company, whether corporation or start-up, is harrowing. A lot of big changes have to happen over the course of your career to break even. And even then, the oddities you hold in yourself as a leader, collaborator or innovator all too often come out.

Will the promise of the company’s actions serve it good? Or will your inhibitions get in the way?

These are questions, I’m certain, that Chief Financial Officer Anthony Camarda has asked himself. His company, Forward Industries, is about to move from sleepytime Florida to big and busy Long Island, New York.

This move may be long overdue, as in the past quarter alone, Forward Industries reported a revenue of $9.5 million. Which, to you and me, doesn’t sound too bad. But it is a 3.6% decline from their 2019 period.

Since incorporating in 1961, Forward Industries maintains absorption of Kablooe Design Inc., from Minneapolis. Kablooe was primarily intent on medical devices, with their worth being $1.6 million.

Forward Industries have found themselves tapping the shoulders of growth drivers in IPS, a designer of internet-connected technologies.

Past IPS clients ranged from Google and Motorola to Manhattan’s own AdhereTech.

Meanwhile, Forward Industries sourced products like medical device compartments for huge life-sciences customers in the Far East.

But the shift to Long Island, recognizes a true change in the times of tech and advancing past it.

Currently, Forward Industries distributes alongside Swedish manufacturer Mooni International AB, who exports portable lights which act as wireless speakers.

Finally, if you would like to read more about Forward, look here for answers.

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