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Kandi: Electric Car Starts At $20K US Starting Price

You are currently viewing Kandi: Electric Car Starts At $20K US Starting Price
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Kandi is a name you may or may not have heard of. The automaker is looking to make larger moves for their tiny car.

The company is one of the first to manufacturer a relatively affordable fully-electric vehicle. It size is small, its power output isn’t something to brag about, but for the original projected cost of $13,000 USD, this could get you from point A to point B with limited issues.

The battery has about a 150 mile radius before recharging. This is adequate for many inner-city travelers. Unfortunately, for the long trips, this won’t do.

Kandi Increases the Price

Well, when the original price dropped for the car, many were looking at it as the first car to adhere to a wider market. Now that the official US market price is in full-view, many are opting to go with standard ICE’s. This makes sense for regular-Joe car buyers. As someone could putz around the city in a (really) small hatchback, OR they could ride in something that has higher=power, relatively higher-quality interior and design and something that doesn’t look like a toy car.

The starting price for the Kandi is (in this authors opinion) way too high. For what you get, a $13K starting price is much more accurate. For the extra seven-thousand dollars, you aren’t getting your moneys worth – even if you are saving money on fuel.

Unfortunately Kandi is missing the mark for American auto drivers. By creating a car that doesn’t extremely limited compared to standard ICE’s, the cost for what you get is too low.

This is a major mistake that electric car makers found out 10 years ago. With electric now completely outperforming traditional engines, the appeal of the auto industry is to provide a better option than standard gasoline vehicles.

At this stage in the game, it looks like the company will not learn this lesson in time before other companies completely outshine them.

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