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Senator Schumer Reveals Funding Plan For the Long Island Sound

You are currently viewing Senator Schumer Reveals Funding Plan For the Long Island Sound
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Senator Charles Schumer has included federal funds in a bipartisan infrastructure package. It will improve the water quality by reducing nitrogen. Plus restore and protect wildfire habitats. Also, mitigate climate change impacts. In turn, help to preserve recreation and fishing industries. As a result, the federal monies do come at a time that nitrogen does, in fact, threaten to ruin the Long Island Sound with fish and aquatic life.

In fact, for many economic and environmental reasons, there are more than 120 species and six states depend on the Long Island Sound.

Senator Schumer Details the Unprecedented Amount of Funds Usage

Schumer did reveal that 106 million dollars were precisely secured to protect, improve and preserve the Long Island Sound with the bipartisan federal infrastructure bill he led to the passage. Schumer stood with a wave of Long Island Sound supporters and local officials at the Port Washington Town Dock. He also explained what they will do for the EPA’s federal Long Island Sound program that provides Long Island and six other states with federal funds. This would be to protect this treasured watershed in an array of environmental and economic ways.

Surge to the Sound

“Now, I am unveiling a “Surge to the Sound”—over $100 million dollars in funds, we, in fact, have included in the bipartisan infrastructure package. It will do a lot of good for America and New York. There are some pertinent things to save what is considered one of Long Island’s crown jewels—the Sound,” Schumer said. This $106 million guarantees funding for the next five years. Thus it will allow us to go on to fight for more as part of regular appropriations. In essence, this is really unparalleled support for one of Long Island’s most critical natural resources.”

Economic Impact of the Sounds

Also, Schumer also detailed the latest economic impact of the Sounds, discussed the details about the funds and why climate change will require an even bigger focus on protecting the Sound as well as the aspects of Long Island life. They do, in fact, depend upon its sustainment.

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