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Xos Is Boss: How They Raised $20M?

Xos Is Boss: How They Raised $20M?

Formerly known as Thor Trucks, Xos has made $20 million happen from a group of investors. These include Proeza Ventures and BUILD Capital Group.

You say tomato, I say tomorrow.

Gone are the days where trucks were bad for the air. Where people would assume to drive a 16-wheeler, you were essentially part of the problem. To assume this type of bias is to perpetuate a false clause. An ideology that has been everything but left behind. To progress is to digress from the issues that can occur with the change of times. We must be more open-minded. That’s how you get ahead. By getting behind new ideas, solutions and products that don’t care to hurt but love to help.

Enter Xos Trucks. A new wave of electronically powered powerhouses that are sure to shake the industry forever.

Xos Trucks were able to use capital to scale production of the X-Platform chassis. They anticipate a high-demand after CARB’s new mandate for commercial vehicles. In the order, it’s zero-emissions policy will go into effect for all commercial vehicles.

Furthermore, they have new board members as part of the deal. One of them being Rodolfo Elias Dieck from Proeza and Daimler’s exec, Mark lampert, at BUILD Capital. Xos welcomes Kingsley Afemikhe as CFO and Rob Ferber from Tesla as the CTO.

Their skateboard chassis for Class 6 trucks can handle multiple types of medium-duty bodies, wheelbases and range specifications. The X-Platform was made in part by Metalsa, a Mexican-supplier.

The future will continue being bright for Xos as they plan to manufacture a Class 8 truck called the ET-One. Which is sure to be ready to mass produce, come Christmas of this year.

Will you follow one of the biggest trends in the motor industry?

You can learn more about Xos here.

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