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Truckers Go Green in New York With the New Green Deal!

You are currently viewing Truckers Go Green in New York With the New Green Deal!
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New York’s Green New Deal will affect truckers in a big way, pushing for cleaner air, lower emissions, and more efficient fuel use from the transportation industry.

The deal promotes cleaner air, with lower emissions and more efficient fuel use. That means truckers will eventually have to meet stricter expectations when it comes to emissions and fuel usage. But there is incentive with companies to hire new employees and get new technology to deal with these new standards.

New Technology Aims to Help Truckers Go Green

A trucking technology company has recently taken this new deal into great consideration. The company, EkoStinger, has won $1 million in a New York competition. EkoStinger won the grand prize in the 76th West Clean Energy Competition.

Soon, the EkoStinger company will open a plant in Elmira.  Since the competition last year, EkoStinger signed a lease for an 8,000 square-foot facility. They have also already purchased equipment from local vendors, and hired six new employees. The company itself provides protection for trailers and ensures that fuel is used more efficiently. The company claims that with EkoStinger the average customer saves 6% in fuel savings. Although EkoStinger only got its start about three years ago, they’ve already begun making great innovations for trucks and trailers.

This new green initiative means clean renewable energy for the trucking industry. Therefore, clean trucking technology means clean tech initiatives for everyone.  Although EkoStinger is just starting out, the company is hoping to make big strides in clean energy for truckers. As most freight is delivered by truckers, trucks running with more clean technology is beneficial to everyone.

So, what do you think? Should truckers and the trucking industry work harder in being more efficient and running on clean energy?

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