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Chevy Drives The EV To The Levy In 2024’s Silverado

You are currently viewing Chevy Drives The EV To The Levy In 2024’s Silverado
Chevy knows how to get their Silverado trucks electrified by their own propulsion.
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Chevy is going to push their electrification of their trucks to new heights. All in regards of their 2024 Silverado, because it can produce an electric and full charge now that it’s an electric vehicle. Er, electric pickup truck. Chevy themselves are pretty happy with it themselves. As you can tell, they’re looking forward to announcing how the base-level Work Trim truck can produce 400 miles of range on their own design. Though the EPA had certified it to be actually only fifty miles more. So let’s just say the range on one charge is between 400 and 450. On the other hand, this is quite startling as the Silverado EV RST is even stronger than the Silverado EV WT because of it’s own battery pack being sized up to handle about 200 kilowatt hours. Impressive.

The Working Truck, available to fleet customers, is hitting the dealerships in the Summertime. With it’s very own all-wheel-drive, the WT is still a marvel in and of itself, given that the dual-motor powertrain makes as much as 510 ponies for 615 lb-ft of torque.

Experts in the industry are pretty stoked for this but skeptical as Chevy promises quite a lot, given that the WT will have about 100 miles of range after charging on the 350 kilowatt-DC-fast-charger for a mere ten minutes. The WT is itself a working title, as once the beginning roll-out of the Chevy Silverado EV commences, Chevrolet is likely to mass-produce a WT model that can tow around 20,000 pounds. The price estimate is still on shaky ground as reservations will allow early customers to snag the WT for a small reservation fee, while saving up for a starting price of $41,595.

This Chevy Silverado EV pickup truck means business like a thunderstorm means excitement! Don’t you think?

What’s really quite fascinating about the EV is that unlike it’s gas-guzzling cousin, the electric pickup will come loaded up with it’s own indie-fied rear suspension to allow for total movability of all sorts. In addition, the useful addition of air springs at every corner gives the EV Silverado a literal edge above the competition… By about two inches. More to love about the Silverado includes such features like the MultiFlex Midgate and the multifunction tailgate, as well as General Motors’ very own automated driving technology in Super Cruise.

With the truck quickly approaching the dealerships in Fall of 2023, one can’t help but wonder if Chevy pickups will be stronger with electricity versus gas-powered relatives? I swear I saw Elon Musk do a tow test of this. Nothing would make greater sense than to see how electric vehicles could potentially self-charge themselves on the go, without potentially blowing up everything in it’s path, possibly due to a battery acid leak. This is all to say that Chevy, GM and American Automobiles in general seem to have the game locked down when it comes to putting the EV in revolutionary rides. Certainly, they’re all just getting started with refreshing the future to be brighter, safer, cleaner and more durable.

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