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New York Christmastime Traditions

You are currently viewing New York Christmastime Traditions
You must see all the beauty of New York City at Christmas!
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New York City and its surrounding areas often have a dreamy feel to them, feeling very romantic and fantastical. However, this feeling is often accelerated at Christmastime. Tons of movies portray New York in the holidays, and they always paint it as the most idyllic place to be this time of year. Part of why is likely because there are so many classic holiday traditions centered in the city. Most of these are things that people know about nationally, sometimes even globally. With that said, in case you need the reminder, here are the best and most “must-do” Christmas traditions in New York City!

See the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree in the Rockefeller Plaza is probably one of the most famous trees around. It is always grandiose in scale and even has a televised tree lighting ceremony. Located between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, you absolutely have to make the trek to go take a look at the tree anytime you are in New York for the holidays!

Sit in for a Radio City Rockettes Performance

This high precision, high kicking dance troupe is nearly synonymous with Christmas for many people. They put on excellent shows in the holiday season, even entertaining the masses with an annual live choreographed number during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. With shows starting in mid-November, through early January, you simply must see them perform if you are around the city then!

Take a Walk to See the Holiday Window Displays

Window shopping is a key factor in any sort of metropolitan area, but especially in New York City at Christmastime. The big department stores all famously put on massive holiday window displays. Stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, and all of the other big names up and down Fifth Avenue go to the nines for their window displays.

Visit the Winter Village at Bryant Park

The Winter Village at Bryant Park offers a great experience for all, from an ice skating rink to holiday shopping. The ice skating rink has famously been featured in numerous New York centered holiday films and provides a great scene for those looking to have a true winter wonderland experience!

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