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The Volvo VAH Can Carry Cars Near and Far. The 300, 400 and 600 Rock!

You are currently viewing The Volvo VAH Can Carry Cars Near and Far. The 300, 400 and 600 Rock!
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Volvo knows how to deliver a lean and mean truck that can handle any job. And what better model could there be than the VAH? Optimus Prime? This family of trucks is able to give tight turning radiuses and even load up on 11 vehicles through automobile transportation.

The Volvo VAH comes in three sizes.

The VAH 300, the VAH 400 and the VAH 600. Each one even more powerful than the last. So we’ll go over each Volvo in ascending order.

VAH 300

A daycab driven to give great results for any and all deliveries in the cities. It has a height of 94.5″ to 97.5″.

VAH 400

A 42″ sleeper which can transport regional hauls with an accessibility of overnight rest to keep up with hours of service compliance. The cab height is 97.5″ to 102.5″.

VAH 600

A 61″ sleeper which offers enough space to sleep underneath a wide and flat-roof. This can especially come in handy when taking care of multiple overnight stays. Like the Volvo brother VAH 400, the VAH 600 has a cab height of 97.5″ to 102.5″.

Each truck model deviation in this Volvo lineup as two likely engines to be installed. The Volvo D11 has a horsepower of 325 to 425. Therefore, delivering about 1,250 to 1,550 lb. – feet. Whereas the Volvo D13 gives off 405 to 500 horsepower.

Every iteration has LED lighting that comes with high/low brightness and visibility. The headlamp comes fully sealed as the component gives off a brighter and more focused beam. The new design gives off a better bulb life.

Remote start is a new feature that, when installed, can allow the driver to ignite the engine from outside the cab. And just wait until you look at the automated manual transmission! The newest I-Shift allows for every load more productive. No matter how you look at it, the Volvo VAH trucks are able to help you be more productive and fuel-efficient.

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