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Open or Enclosed Transport; Which One Should I Choose?

You are currently viewing Open or Enclosed Transport; Which One Should I Choose?
An example of our enclosed transport trailers.
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Once you decide to ship your car, you’ll have to make a big decision. Should you choose to ship your car on an open carrier or in an enclosed carrier? The choice can be difficult, but there are some clear reasons to choose one or the other. Read on to learn more about these kinds of car transport and make an informed decision.

Security: Enclosed transport provides peace of mind

The main benefit of enclosed transport is its increased security. With enclosed transport, your car isn’t open to the air or to bad actors. It’s hidden away in a protective metal shell that lets nothing in. When cars are in transit on the highway, any number of things can happen to them. Rocks can kick up from the road and damage your windshield. Severe weather can erode your paint job. Worst of all, nefarious people can approach your car while it’s parked and damage or steal from it. Enclosed transport ensures that none of that will happen to your car. It’s guaranteed to arrive in the same condition as when you dropped it off.

Savings: Open transport is the cost-effective option

While enclosed transport guarantees the safety of your car, it’s not like open transport is going to cause your car to be damaged or harmed. In fact, we have a series of procedures that we follow for open to transport to ensure your car’s safety. For example, we secure it with heavy-duty straps that don’t cause any damage to your car’s body or internal mechanisms. And when our drivers stop along the way, they make sure to pick the perfect parking spot so that they can keep a constant eye on the cars on their carrier. Using tactics like this, we can keep your car safe while providing you with a budget-conscious car transport option. And of course, we have extensive insurance coverage on the off-chance that something does happen. With open transport, you’ll save money while still getting an incredible service.

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